Our Story

How Turned came to be is actually the result of the events that took place shortly after our first child, Graham, was born. The short story is because I was nursing, we learned quickly that what I (having no dietary restrictions) ate greatly impacted the health of our child. It was a long, gruesome process but by the time Graham was 6 months old, we had been prescribed an epi-pen.

As it turned out, he was anaphylactic to wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, corn, banana, oats, garlic, and seeds. We had another rough few months accompanied by an uncountable number of doctor visits. No one could help us though, and by the time he was 10 months old, he was hospitalized for having a hemoglobin of 3. He needed blood transfusions, a 10 day stay in the children’s hospital, was labeled as malnourished and failure to thrive. We had a long road to recovery and several more added unsafe foods to the list. However because of prayer, we eventually learned what food was safe for Graham and for the first time in months, our son began to thrive.

After I was able to stop nursing, I tried to reintroduce some of Graham’s allergens back into my diet and found out some foods don’t agree with my body. Tummy troubles, dermatitis herpetiformis, eczema, acne, migraines, teeth grinding, and more symptoms were no longer an ailment of mine if I watched my diet. Even with no gluten, no dairy, no peanuts, no soy, limited eggs and nuts, and very little processed sugar, I still had plenty of yummy food left to eat.

I was determined not to feel deprived from some of my favorite treats, so I took to creating -free from versions of whatever my heart desired. Over the years I’ve compiled quite a list of -free from foods that I enjoy making. I’ve also met many people who have to make major dietary changes, so why not share?! They too feel the burden of having to cook every meal from scratch, so it is my heart’s desire to bless them with food they can safely enjoy wherever they choose to eat it.

BAtman 4 ys old.jpg


Graham is now happy, healthy, active, and full of life!


Why the Name Turned?

There is a double meaning

1.) Because we "turn" food free from common allergens.

2.) Because all of the health problems we discovered in Graham’s first year of life, I was captive to grief for a long season. At the time, it had seemed that I had unwillingly traded my hopes and dreams for an extraordinary fragile life. The depression I felt made me wonder when I would genuinely smile again. However, it was there in the deepest pit I had been in that God met me. God has turned me from my captivity, the loss of what I once dreamed I’d have, and showed me an even better joy. True joy. The kind that makes your heart swell-up with love for the great I AM.

Why a Quail?

The quail in our logo is a symbol of God’s presence and a reminder of his provisions.

After the Israelites witnessed God act in miraculous ways to turn them from their captivity in Egypt, they grumbled. The plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, the turning of bitter waters, they had seen it all first hand. They had hardly had time to catch their breath after singing songs of praise, A Song of Deliverance, when the whole community of Israel complained to Moses about not having food like they had back in Egypt. God heard their grumbles, gave specific instructions, and every day for 6 days, God sent quail in at night so they would have meat to eat and each morning flakey substance “manna” would be on the ground for them to enjoy. God did this all so they would trust him and so they would realize it was the LORD who brought them out of Egypt. God wanted them to see He was there and was providing for them in more than one tangible way.

Our family’s story echoes the Israelites’ in many ways with the gist of it being; God gave us a miracle, a baby boy, and we grumbled about how we were going to feed him. Just like the Isrealites, we complained and had no faith that God was working. It felt like he sent us out in the desert with a sick baby and left us there to watch him die. We weren’t realizing who God was though. Even with our distrust, he showed up to remind us he was there. God has continued to be present and provide for us in many ways- wisdom, knowledge, health, food, safety, security, happiness, and contentment. Just like God showing the Isrealites he was amongst them by answering their prayers with quail, God has continued to answer our prayers and show us he is always with us providing for our needs.